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Built on Results employ the best in the business when it comes to SEO. Having worked in the PPC industry since 2012 Daniel Hall would constantly have clients ask him to run their SEO for them too. The reason being was that their current contractors would promise the world and deliver nothing. Daniel has always stayed away from SEO, preferring to be an expert in one field rather than a jack of all trades. But due to the amount of clients asking for recommendations on who to use, he amassed a vast network of SEO superstars.

Of course some turned out to not everything they promised, but after several years Daniel was able to see who the real deal were and who weren’t.

Our team use only the latest SEO techniques to guarantee our results are sustainable. Google’s algorithms are constantly changing and as such we ensure our team constantly refine and update their methodologies to go with it.

In-depth Research

We identify your objectives and research your competition to build a clear picture of how to succeed in your industry. We know how to handle the recent Google updates and with a little study, we’ll soon know how to reach your targets as well. The intricacies of your business matter – they help us locate your audience and turn visitors into customers.

Content Strategy

The content we create does have SEO in mind, but keyword stuffing couldn’t be further from what we do. Writing needs to be unique, engaging and relevant to meet the demands of search engines, but the needs of your audience are more important. Great content will not only be crawled and indexed but also attract natural inbound traffic over time.

Technical Strategy

We utilise the latest innovations in search to ensure each of our clients’ websites remain on the crest of the digital wave. Whether it’s the basics, such as meta content and sitemaps, or more technical issues, like site speed and schema implementation, we have it covered. We aren’t just on and off-page, we’re on the next page.

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